Raymond Frederick Ray Harryhausen one of the best American-British visual effects creator, producer, and writer of our time. The Early Years Collection features a set of 2 DVDs which give us all of Ray’s fairy tales in amazing picture quality including interviews, stills and, art gallery. All in all, four hours of non-stop fun. The video and sound quality are excellent and you are sure to enjoy each and every bit of his masterpiece. If you are a Harryhausen fan then this is must buy for you and at a very low price you should not miss it!



The best works from the master!

You know it’s something special when you hear the name, Ray Harryhausen. And The Early Years Collection is just that, the best from the master! For a diehard fan of Harryhausen, this set of DVDs is the perfect choice to kick back, relax and re-visit your old memories. The first disk contains stories of Little Miss Muffet, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel, and Gretel, etc. Including his experiments, clips, and early films. The second DVD gives us more knowledge of his interviews and testimonials from the great Ray Harryhausen himself. I bought this set and I am very happy with the audio and picture quality, which is quite good for viewing.

-by Jillian Green.

Rediscover where all the magic began.

This is nothing but an excellent collection of works from the great one himself. I have been a huge fan Ray Harryhausen from his earliest days and I recently got this DVD. Before CGI came into effect Ray was already doing this with his works. The DVD has collections of Mother Goose stories which are a treat to watch. Including the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Tortoise and The Hare, each story is about 8-10 minutes long and have a beautiful narration. We get to see interviews of Ray, The Clifton’s Cafeteria Reunion with many pictures and much much more and at such a cheap price! I urge all the fans of Ray Harryhausen to buy this amazing DVD.

-by Felipe

Buy it before it gets out of stock!

Saw this as I was shopping online for awesome stuff you can buy on Novelty Street, this has to be included in your list,  just go for it without even thinking twice. After all, what’s there to think about its Ray Harryhausen! The first film of Harryhausen, I ever saw was Jason and the Argonauts and since then I became a huge fan of this man. The first DVD contains some of the best children’s stories, like Mother Goose Stories and the famous Fairy Tales. The tests and experiments help us get to know the legend better. It shows how much work goes into putting together one film. The second DVD is devoted for tributes for Harryhausen. My advice to you is just buying it at this amazing price.

-by Awesome DVD Gifts

Recommended for die-hard fans of Ray Harryhausen.

The most wonderful thing about this DVDs is that it gives a new look and meaning to the films and stories. The first disc is an amazing presentation of the quality stories that we used to read as a kid, but now with the amazing picture quality, we will be seeing with our own eyes. The amazing stories and fairy tales we used to imagine as kids are now a treat to watch. Stories like Hansel and Gretel, Tortoise and The Hare make us feel lost in our childhood. With a surplus of interviews and tributes to Ray Harryhausen, this collection of DVDs is one of the best memories of the master one can get and remember what the world has lost.

-by Adam Jackson the Critic